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GenEarth is really excited to be partnering to deliver the first Young Green Briton Challenge, a national platform to nurture, support and celebrate youth-led, school-based climate action. With increased temperatures, droughts and flooding seen across the world as impacts of the climate crisis there is an urgent need for bottom-up community action.

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The Challenge supports students aged 11-14 to learn and apply design, innovation, business and other transferable skills, empowering young people to explore local climate and sustainability issues and design entrepreneurial solutions or campaigns to address the problems they identify.


Students will have the chance to receive seed funding and mentorship to support the development of their ideas. We hope the Challenge will supercharge a new generation of positive social action in communities across the UK. Schools are at the heart of their communities and have the potential to be catalysts for positive change in the face of social and environmental crises.


The Young Green Briton Challenge is supported by the Green Britain Foundation, the charitable foundation from Dale Vince founder of Ecotricity. Dale has a vision for a Green Britain, fighting climate change by reducing carbon emissions in energy, transport and food.


The Challenge brings together the Ministry of Eco Education, Social Innovation for All, Volunteers for Future and I Have a Voice.


Please get in touch to learn more. 

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