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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the workshops?

Currently we offer all workshops for free for schools and there is small charge to cover our costs to run our workshops at youth engagement events. Please contact for further information.

Which locations do you run the workshops and programmes in?

We are able to offer in-person KS1 and KS2 Wildlife Conservation and KS3 Climate Justice workshops in London, and virtually across the UK. We offer the KS3 Young Green Briton Challenge to schools across England.

Do you offer workshops for primary and secondary?

We are able to offer in-person KS1 & KS2 Wildlife Conservation workshops for primary schools (we will shortly offer these for KS3 as well) and KS3 Climate Justice workshops and Young Green Briton Challenge for secondary schools.  


How does this align with the curriculum?

We can provide a breakdown of curriculum topics per workshop. Please email us for more information


What do teachers need to do to support the workshop?

Teachers are required to be present throughout the duration of the workshop to support the students, to ensure all the AV equipment is set up in advance and to print a small amount of worksheets.

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