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GenEarth (formally Volunteers for Future) is a non-profit social enterprise. We focus all our time, people and resources on mobilising young people to have a positive impact for conservation, climate change and animal welfare.


We were founded in the wake of the climate strikes, taking place across the globe, which rallied unprecedented numbers of students feeling frustrated about inadequate government responses to climate change.  One of their key demands is to put climate change, conservation and sustainability at the heart of the school curriculum, to better prepare them for the future they face. This presents a challenge; teachers lack the knowledge, time and materials to incorporate these topics into lesson plans; and with rising climate anxiety amongst young people, schools and parents can feel wary about broaching these subjects.


The solution sits with us - we work in partnership with leading conservation and environmental organisations to provide workshops and programmes to schools. These are designed by experts and led by our passionate volunteers to raise awareness and arm young people with the facts to empower them to take positive action.


We aim to


  • inform, inspire and enable young people to provide solutions to the climate crisis

  • provide young people with a voice and the opportunity to take individual action

  • be responsive, relevant and adaptable to an ever changing political, social and environmental context

  • act as a connector, helping bring together charities, volunteers, and schools to support young people

  • enable volunteers to become part of a community of people who are passionate about climate and conservation , who can develop themselves and their communities

Who Benefits?

Young People

We equip them with high quality information and access to relatable role models


Our approach addresses the curriculum gap, empowering teachers and young people

Partner Organisations

Breaking down access barriers between expert organisations and young people

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